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We are JUST KIDDOS and we know what you have in mind right now. You want to throw the greatest party yet – it can be an intimate birthday bash for your precious child, or a grand get-together for your office. Oh how you want your guests to take their “selfies” with your favorite mascots! And how you wish the master of the show is not a robot, but no other than the life of the party. You don’t only go for the usual balloon arrangements, you want a creative set-up in the venue, something that is unique, fun, and relevant to the theme of the party. Definitely, the games should be fun! And when we say fun, we imagine kids and kiddos-at-heart singing and dancing, not looking like they’re robots but people having the time of their lives, without a care in the world! Admit it, your party wish list is long, but you want to save as much as you can. We’re pretty sure you want to add more perks to up the fun ante in your party. That’s why we’re here for you. We are certain that we can help you with all your party needs: party hosts, mascots, puppets, bubble shows, magic shows, face-painting, party favors, venue set-up, food carts, photo and video coverage, and what-have you. Name it, and we’re not kidding, your JUST KIDDOS team have it! Book with us now and enjoy huge discounts. Together, we can make your dream party a “REALLY FUN-TASTIC” one! Let’s celebrate!

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Just Kiddos Hosting and Entertainment Services is a family business founded by Ryan Magcalen, a marketing professional, event organizer, and a seasoned party host. With the help of Ryan’s strategic partners from the entertainment, media, advertising and event management industries, the company has grown tremendously from its launch in 2011. Now after more than half a decade, Just Kiddos continues to serve the party needs of families, offices, private organizations, as well as government and non-government institutions. The company is known for its excellent service, creativity, dynamism and genuine concern for its clients.

What people say?

This is my third time hiring Just Kiddos and this is the best ever. Ryan, the host, was actually good. Even the most critical friends commended him. Paolo and the rest of the team were very helpful, professional, and radiated positive and fun energy. It was entertaining. My daughter had the best time. Thanks you so much. Keep it up!
Stephanie Tower
February 3, 2019
The program of Calix’s 7th birthday was really executed well. I really like the way that the female host motivated and energized the children especially Calix. The dancers were really enthusiastic while dancing. Games are also suitable for the interests of the children. It’s really fun overall. Th flow of the program are executed well, Everyone enjoyed the party. My visitors were overwhelmed.
Maria Lourdes Miranda
December 23,2018
Thank you for entertaining us! We had so much fun! Kudos to your staff. Kids enjoyed the party! I will definitely recommend your services!
Christine Maybelle Tampucao
December 29,2018

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